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WOD Challenge 09-22-21 Concert Highlights

Sitting on his throne-Jonathan Davis and on guitar, Brian Welch (Head) of Korn. My own photo.

Wow! I cannot believe I forgot to mention yesterday that Michelle and I were finally going to our long-awaited concert!

We were originally supposed to be going to a concert last year featuring Five Finger Death Punch, I Prevail, Ice Nine Kills, and two other bands. It was cancelled due to COVID, so we had to pick a new concert so Staind and Korn fit the bill!!

The lights were sparkling in Dallas last night for the show, along with laser lights pulsing, spotlights swirling, and ended with streamers shot into the audience with a cannon! What a show, and what seats we had!! We were stage left, second row, which unfortunately, or fortunately, however you look at it, was right in front of the massive stack of speakers!!! I was sure we would be deaf today, but I’m simply tired. The show was great, I liked Korn better than Staind this time because the sound system was better and while still loud, it wasn’t constant reverb blasting into our ears like with Staind’s show. I got some sound bites and pretty good pictures, but found myself wishing we were center stage because we had no view of the drummer or the stage set up unless we looked at the big screens. When I go to a concert, I prefer to see the band, I can watch a video at home, know what I mean? So my eyes were on the two stars- Aaron Lewis of Staind and Jonathan Davis of Korn.

My Tijuana Street Fight treat
Michelle and me before the concert with our obligatory selfie!

They sang all of our favorites, and rocked the house down! Freak on a Leash, Adidas, Some from the album Issues and more. Staind sang Been A While, Something to Remind You, Mudshovel, and more. We never left our seats or sat down the entire night, which my back is feeling today. Knowing my body’s limits, however, I did not do the kind of dancing around or jumping that I did just a few short years ago, fearing I would blow my knee out. I do not need that right now. So I was a well-behaved concert attendee.

Aaron Lewis and Staind.
Bright and colorful lights for Staind.
A peek behind the curtain, waiting for Korn
This one I had to take via the big screen since we couldn’t see center stage
Sound bites and other pics are missing, this is Korn, but hard to see.
Hopefully, this is a short soundbite of Korn

The aroma of marijuana was strong enough to get a contact high, but I had my CBD pipe, so I was nice and mellowed out. We pre-gamed at the house with a couple of Truly’s apiece and drank water at the concert. Since we were there to see Korn (our 3rd or 4th time) I partook of a delicious chilidog topped with Mexican street corn they called a Tijuana Street Fight. It was muy delicioso. My throat is kind of raw today from screaming and trying to sing loudly, as if you could over the massive throng of rockers! Thank God we are too old to be in the pit with everyone jumping and pushing around, although I have to say, I didn’t notice but one individual acting very crazy at all. Even the pit seemed calmer than normal. Maybe they are getting old too, I mean, the band members are even gray now! 🙂 So at first I was kind of feeling my age, but I relaxed after a while and simply enjoyed the show, the music, the experience, and getting out of the house for a night!!

Dad was in David’s capable hands, although, it was probably very quiet around here last night with neither of them talking. I normally do enough talking for all three of us. Maybe they enjoyed the break from me too!

I included some concert shots but the sound bites would not show up in the photo gallery.for those who care to see and listen. I know, my music isn’t for everyone! We were just lucky to see them, because a few weeks ago, Jonathan had COVID and we feared the concert would be cancelled. No, he was there in all his glory, rocking that stage like a boss and looking mighty fine doing it. He has lost a significant amount of weight, lost the kilt, which I missed, but put on one hell of a show. I really enjoyed myself, and we also got lucky getting out of there quickly but traffic on the way to HW30 was packed and slow. We managed to get home before turning into pumpkins but I was back up at 5am with Dad.
Se la vi. 😉

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