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Gobbledegook #JusJoJan 1-02-22

Brandy yesterday morning feelin fine!

This morning has us concerned about our dog, Brandy, the younger if our two shorkies. She looks as if she is in pain, shaking, panting, listless, and uninterested in food. Usually, if we are eating, she wants to be right there waiting for a bite. I personally think this cold snap may have her little bones hurting, because she has been walking slow since last night.

We are probably about to take her to an emergency clinic, and pay an exorbitant fee, but I can’t bear to see her in pain. this is the second time in two weeks we have watched her act like this. The last time, she was fine the next day, but we found a scab on her head and thought maybe she had been stung by something. Well, those scabs are spreading and now she is acting this way. One may have nothing to do with the other, I don’t know.

She is also is licking the air a lot and swallowing like she is trying to keep from vomiting. I’m not looking forward to getting out in 22 degree weather, but our baby might be sick or in pain, and I think its time to be seen. They will probably tell us a lot of gobbledegook we don’t understand, but if they make her feel better, then I will feel better. Of course, they cannot help you over the phone, I tried to call and see if we could give her anything for pain, but they said they can’t tell what the problem is until we bring her in. She was recently treated for worms because her groomer said she saw some, but we never did, however, we gave her tye prescribed medication even though the vet also did not see any worms either.

So, we are back, and they sent her home with something for pain and we said we would take her to her regular vet tomorrow because it would have cost us almost $1000 for some labwork and an xray! Not a bargain in the least! In my honest opinion, and no I’m not a vet, but I think she is possibly hurting because its cold and she is 7yrs old. Also, she had quite a bit of summer sausage, and ham yesterday, so maybe her tummy is upset. Who knows, when they cannot tell you? All we have to go on is the panting, shaking, lethargy, and no interest in food.

As it turned out, we had to pull into a numbered slot, and they came and fetched her from our vehicle, so we really didn’t get to hear any medical gobbledegook anyway.

After getting back home, watching church and taking a brief nap, I had a snack, offered Brandy a piece of cheese, and she didn’t even want that! Now I know she isn’t well. This was not my plan today, but doggies make their own plans sometimes. Maybe in a bit, I will feel like standing and working on finishing my Diamond Art painting. Right now, I just want to sit close and keep an eye on her.

Take care everyone, and have a great football watching Sunday! Go Cowboys!

Oh look, I snuck in the WOD as well!


8 thoughts on “Gobbledegook #JusJoJan 1-02-22

  1. Good grief, poor precious Brandy! Do you have any dog sweaters to put on her? Glad that she is resting okay! I do not know but what is the life expects to scratch that but what is the life expectancy for a shorkie? He is in my prayers? You took a nap??? I am glad that you are resting. Can you watch church whenever you want when it is streamed on your TV from your phone?

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    • Usually, you can find the livestreams on YouTube but I’d have to look.
      Brandy is shaking from pain, she isn’t cold. When I try to put a towel or blanket on her, she crawls out from under it. She is still pretty out of it after that pain medication. She can have some more around 7-8, and I hope she eats supper. That’s the weird thing, her not wanting to eat. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers! 🥰😚


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