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Abundance of Observances #JusJoJan 1-03-22

Looking down Lariat

It was 56 degrees outside, after starting out at 23, so I decided to make myself go for my walk and take an opportunity to observe things more closely. There was an abundance of observations and random thoughts popped into my mind as I trudged along. I was freezing in the house when I took off, even though it was 71 in the house. When I got home, I had bumped it up to 72, so even in my sweater, it was hot when I returned to the house.

Why did I grab a stick only to abandon it before I got halfway around the next street?

Why do the branches on that one tree two streets over grow straight up off the main branch?

Why are those turkey vultures hovering over my friend Bob’s house, I don’t smell anything dead.

I had previously been watching the new movie on Netflix called The Lost Daughter and the thought struck me while I was walking, how absurd is it that people look down on a woman on holiday by herself? Why is that? There are days when I totally could go off somewhere tropical by myself and I would feel just like the character in the movie. “Leave me alone, I can take care of myself, and stop treating me as if I’m a leper.” She never says these things of course, but you can tell that’s what she was thinking.

Ooooh, what a pretty cat! Here kitty, kitty, let me take your picture. Who’s cat is this and where is she going?

Taken on the walking trail.

I had been on neighborhood streets and wound up on the hike and bike trail.

I’m getting cold again, is that because I’m walking in a shadier spot, or am I hungry again?? I had a small bowl of home made salad for lunch, so it’s possible.

I should have worn a coat instead of this oversized, not-so-thick-after-all-sweater.

I am doing pretty good for consuming half of a full-spectrum gummy not an hour ago. (I am writing this much later, I’m surprised I can remember any of this)

And I haven’t hurt myself, even though I’m not really in my normal walking groove.

The downside is that my phone battery just died, therefore I now have no music.

I could be picking up lots of pecans in the street, but I don’t want to break my stride.

Oh look, I’m home just in time to grab the mail and bring in the trashcan before Dave pulls in.

Two circles on my watch are now closed, one for my walk/workout, and one for my standing. I have yet to close the red circle because I’m still not moving enough to burn the required amount of calories.

Baby steps.


10 thoughts on “Abundance of Observances #JusJoJan 1-03-22

  1. Good job I was telling Christina this morning that the game plan for me is that starting today I want to make the most productive times of her being with me as far as keeping myself busy good with exercising or stretching! I got myself in the habit of getting on my phone (with my lack of focus makes so hard anymore I don’t always enjoy that) or watch TV. So today I did very well. Dad and I usually stretched before bed! We listen to music on our Alexa!! Glad you took advantage of the sunshine! How is Brandy feeling today?

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    • Well, I took her to her regular vet, she expressed her very full anal glands, and then I gave her a bath in the sink when we got home (she was stinky and had those bumps in her head again) and she is fine. She and Whiskey are mad at us because they didn’t get food off our plates tonight. That way, they eat their own food and we don’t have to worry we gave them something that might make them sick. The dr said watch her today and if she looks like she is still in pain, bring her back in for back X-rays.

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