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WOD Challenge 3-21-22 Storms Across Texas

We are under a tornado watch until 10pm.

We are the blue dot above Ft Worth

We just watched a tornado crossing over 287 in Bowie, Tx to the west of the Metroplex.

Looks like a rough night across Texas as a cool front approaches. Dang, it’s just the second day of spring yet here we go!

In other news, I had my eye appointment today. I forgot to ask about the blue light glasses after being told I have the beginnings of cataracts, ”floaters”, and I have to go back next week to have my eyes dilated, due to my blood pressure and kidney problems. She just wants to check my eyes out real well and make sure I don’t have any disease or serious problems. The good news is, I only needed a slight change to my contacts prescription and boy, it made a big difference. I wear one in my right eye for distance and a different strength in my left eye for close up. I still read the best with my naked eyes.

I haven’t felt like working out today because of an upset stomach, but I did vacuum the house and mop the kitchen and game room. At least my blue ring is closed 😂. That’s the one for standing.

My brother kindly got the area rug from my dad’s house cleaned and brought it to me for our living room. I can’t believe it looks so good! They did a great job cleaning the stains out. Now if I can keep it clean with my mutts, I’ll be doing good. 🤣 Brandy acts like she’s scared of it, maybe she understood my threat of “Don’t let me catch you peeing on this rug” seriously!

Well, be safe and I hope you’re not in the tornado zone tonight. We are hearing bad news about Jacksboro and Bowie. I’m praying folks heed the watches and warnings.

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