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I’m Late but Let’s Do This!

What a busy weekend! Packin and stackin people!

I am late for SoCS, so I’ll combine that with today’s WOD Challenge…let’s go!

Saturday we made the first of three trips to the new RV storage facility to put it in storage until we are ready to go. Then we came home and packed more boxes to take to storage, made another trip out to Willow Springs to plug er in, but Dave forgot the keys! Ugh! Back home, packed more boxes and totes, took that load and back to Willow Springs. Got the motor home plugged in to power, went and had dinner and a margarita, rested for a few minutes, then I got up and went to wrap all our paintings and portraits in boxes to protect them. Whew. Then we played some pool and chilled for the night.

Of course, Friday night we heard of the Queen’s passing, her long-time reign is over. God bless her, she gave it all she had for most of her long life! I watched a special on her, and after another day of packing was ready for playing pool and having some refreshments.

Today was finally the VA Appraisal we have been waiting for. This lets the buyers know if their loan is approved. We don’t know when the good or bad news will come, so we are proceeding as if we are moving out. We went to church to pray, and thank God for all His blessings so far. We felt much calmer after we got home. We even hosted family dinner with all the kids and my brother in attendance. I imagine all future get togethers from here on out will be at my brother’s house. The kids will come help us clear out next weekend if all goes according to plan, because if it does, we close not this week but next!
Here is a pic of Josh giving Brandy a belly rub while watching one of the early football games.

Brandy loves her belly rubs!

Freshly groomed and decked out in their glow-in-the-dark Boo bandanas. No idea how much their lives are about to change!

We don’t have any time to waste, so after dinner when everyone was gone, Dave worked on ridding his desk and office of junk papers, stowing what we need and I finished filling a couple more boxes. Still so much to do! I’ll go to the city and get a voucher to dispose of hazardous materials from the garage, pack whatever else needs to be, wrap two more large Art pieces, call and find out if the guy that was interested in buying our pool table and couches still wants them, if not, some things might be doled out to kids or left for the buyers. No time for a garage sale, so carloads will need to go to Thrift for Good, or our churches thrift store.

Before we leave this house, we will probably take some clothes and kitchen and bathroom items to the RV and the rest of our clothes and toiletries will go with us to Kevin’s until it’s time to bug out.

Do I have mixed emotions? Of course, I do. I’m going to miss this house, my family, and friends. Although we have everyone’s blessings, I still feel a sense of guilt that we are leaving. It’s natural. I’m a mother, it comes with the territory. But all who know and love us, know this has been a dream for a long time. I’m nervous. I’m excited! I’m anxious. CBD has helped a lot with that. It calms me, helps me focus, and takes away the constant questioning myself. I have to stop stressing and just make a decision and live with it. (Talking about what to store, toss, or sell)

It’s kind of like eating an elephant! Just when I think I’ve got most of it done, I look around and there’s still more to do. By this weekend, it should all be dealt with, one way or the other. It’s happening fast now guys. ☺️


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