9 thoughts on “Wednesday News Day

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful Banner day.
    Wonderful photography. Very nice you sharing for graveyard airplane training camp photo.
    I glad both are having spent time together😘.Now you relax. You play Bunco.
    Tack care!
    God blessing!

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  2. That warms my heart to know that you were able to go out and socialize and to bring Dave with you! I know firsthand what it is, like to know him and he is the sweetest and a hoot to be around! How did your stomach react to the root beer float?

    Praying for even better days ahead! That is awesome about all the airplanes and wonderful things to see!

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    • Thank you! Yes, it was nice, I just wish someone would have sat and talked with us. We said hi and I introduced him to a few people I’d met the night before at Bunco, but then we sat down, alone, and everyone paired off with their usual groups. It will take time, I guess. 😊
      My stomach did ok! A little gas-to be expected after my first soda in a long time, but the ice cream didn’t make me sick!
      I talked to Chris today, he is very shaken up about the natural gas explosion 💥 that happened a couple of streets over from his house. What a way to wake up! He thought we were at war! He is still trying to get his head around how that man walked away when his entire house was instantly destroyed. He said if that doesn’t make you a believer, nothing will!! Did you hear about it?

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      • Whenever Christina read this reply to me yesterday she gasps and said that she saw it on the news! At that point she filled me in and I do not really pay attention to most news unless it is the weather. That was horrible! But looking for the good that comes from God in every situation it made me think about what Chris said to you “that if it doesn’t make you a building., Nothing will?”
        Things may not happen in your timing. Which I know that you know that. I know that it will in due time. I hope that it gets a little warmer for the both of you, or do you like it the way it is?

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      • As long as the days are warm, I don’t mind the chilly nights. But today, it’s cooler and has been raining all day long. This is very rare for Arizona, so I’m just hibernating inside, lol! All is well! 😘🤗

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