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Just Missed It!

I almost got the sun before it dipped below the ridge.

It was kind of hazy this afternoon. Low to no wind. Very unusual.

It’s been a sort of lazy, hazy day around here. Took a shower, washed a load of clothes right here at the RV, and took the trip to the post office. On the way back we stopped at a roadside veggie stand and got tomatoes, peppers, honey, squash, and onions. Oh, and a lemon.
We also discovered a Dollar General behind the post office in the neighborhood of Red Rock! I was so excited because as far as I’m concerned, I can get almost anything I need without driving all the way to Walmart. I bought some more peanut butter, some small containers for leftovers (apparently you can’t have too many), Dave grabbed a huge jar of strawberry jam, some beans to go with tonight’s burgers, and a long lighter. Dave really could have used that this morning trying to light the pilot light for the oven. He fixed our first can of biscuits and said he didn’t think the oven had ever been used!
I crocheted another doggie scarf, and learned how to make Pom poms by hand using yarn and my hand! The first one turned out great, but the second was to limp. I did it wrong getting in a hurry I guess.

Here is Brandy modeling hers. It came out really cute.

Well, it would be nice to crochet by the fireplace, but we don’t have one. We do have an electric heater though, which keeps us good and toasty.

The girls have their warm sweaters, a good thing because it’s not going to get out of the fifties next week. 🥶 I know, I know! That’s not cold to y’all, but after 70’s and high 60’s, I’ve gotten spoiled! Sure, it’s only a small window of time a day, I’ve sort of gotten used to changing two to three times a day. Today I stayed in my jeans and long-sleeved shirt all day! Plus, it’s dry air here, which feels a lot different than home.

Anyhoo, that was our day, what’s happening in your world this week? I’m sure everyone else is getting excited about the holidays, right?! I will live vicariously through you all!

Tune in for Saturday’s post when I answer the question: Did Dave really go to play Mexican Train with me on Friday night? 😘

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10 thoughts on “Just Missed It!

  1. They look to cute in her little Scar X nation point of my sweet roommates in college use to crochet while watching TV as she said was very relaxing for her long is it the same for you? I like their sweaters to.

    I hope that you and Dave find something to do Christmas see! Dad and I are going to Oklahoma next weekend. It will have been 3 years since we have gone for Christmas because of covid, L good grief!

    Hey, I have played Mexican train before! It is time! Did he play?

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    • Yes ma’am, and we had fun! It was a smaller crowd but lively with Maria in our group, lol. She is so much fun!
      Crocheting is relaxing as long as it’s an easy pattern to follow and I don’t get frustrated or have to constantly rip out my work. Luckily, the scarves worked up quickly and it was a super easy pattern.
      You guys be safe and have a great trip next weekend, I’ll want to hear all about it. ☺️😘


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