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WOD Challenge 07-15-21 Not Pleased

Well folks, I gotta say I’m not very pleased with my self after yesterday’s splurge with my dad at lunch!

Dad and I at Ernies, and splurged with fried catfish and shrimp, fries, and hush puppies!

Then again, that hasn’t been my only splurge lately. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t really been trying very hard with my diet. Just the other day, Dave and I had lunch at Fresco’s, and I had brisket nachos, with a baby margarita and he got a meal that included “elotes” Mexican corn on the cob! I’d been dying to try it, and there’s was just ok. My son, Josh said I must try Fuel City; a giant gas station that sells Mexican street corn on the cob or in a cup. He said it’s to die for!

Dave and I had a decadent lunch at Fresco’s

Of course all this rich food will take a toll on my body eventually if I don’t knock it off, but I can’t seem to get motivated lately. Am I still in vacation mode? Depressed at the way the world is going? I just don’t know, but there is a bit of good news. I have no pictures for the things I’m about to share, well, I have one, but anyway, I have been experimenting with new things.

One is, I’ve discovered Truly’s, an alcoholic beverage that has 2 carbs and 1g of sugar! They pack a punch, though, so be careful! Each Truly is 5grams of alcohol and they are kind of drying because they are hard seltzer’s.

This is the Wild Berry Truly drink.

The best flavors are the punches, but they are really hard to find. This one is at least drinkable, it’s called Wild Berry. Before these I tried the Tropical fruit flavors…awful! They tasted like carbonated water with a piece of fruit dipped in it! 🤮

The next product I’ve tried lately it Qubes, which are an apple cider vinegar gummy! What a great way to get your daily dose of ACV and they taste wonderful! I got a free sample (plus shipping, of course) and I plan to buy more. Much easier than getting those teas or shots of ACV down, and this way, I can get a daily dose instead of every few days. They don’t bother my system either, like real ACV can if you drink too much.

The third thing (doesn’t have anything to do with my diet) is a CBD gummy for pain. Some of you may know I’ve been experimenting with CBD gummies and other products, and Moonwlkr is one of my favorite brands! Recently I bought a sample pack of gummies with CBD and CBG which is a combo of cannabinoids that work on pain receptors in your body. Each gummy has 25mg of CBD and 10 mg of CBG. I started with half of a gummy, since I am on muscle relaxers at night before bed. They really work well, and my shoulder doesn’t hurt as bad. The flavor is mixed berries (see a trend anyone?) and I have to say, they taste delicious, just like all of there gummies.

New gummies from Moonwlkr.

So, hopefully I haven’t been to harmful to myself, and things will balance out. I just can’t justify denying myself yummy foods lately, but normally, during the week, I still try to be good. Most of the time when Dad and I go to lunch, I always have a salad. Yesterday, I decided I was going to splurge, because, like his doctor said, every once in a while won’t hurt! Still, I feel guilty, and my body didn’t like it. I have to say though, it was a delicious mistake! 😋😘

PS: If anyone wants to try a sample let me know and send me your email and I will send a code so that we either each get $10 off our next purchase or I can get a sample sent to you. All of Moonwlkr’s gummies are great and really deliver results that work! Self care is important, so if you are anxious, have difficulty with sleep, or with pain, you should definitely try some of these gummies! They are a safe, legal way to get relief of your symptoms in the comfort of your own home.

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WOD Challenge 05-10-21 Now Is the Time

The boys and I on my patio-Chris, Sean, and Joshua
The boys and I in my living room
Left to right, Chris, Becky, Shari, and Joshua

Good morning everyone! I hope all the mothers, grandmothers, nanas, and any mothering figures out there had a magnificent Mother’s Day yesterday, I know I did!! We even took a new bunch of pics together, so I could have an updated photo of the boys and myself. Chris and Becky tricked me, surprising me by showing up after telling me they weren’t going to make it! Sneaky!! I was thrilled with a full house (Bubba is home, so he and Connie came as well as his son Stephen and his fiancé Kacee), great food, and gifts. Dave bought me a mani-pedi while we were out Saturday running our errands and still brought me flowers and a card yesterday! For the foodies, we had grilled swordfish and shrimp on skewers, hush puppies, mac and cheese, and our homemade sausage, with carrot cake for dessert-but Connie had bought chocolate covered strawberries for us ladies, so that was my dessert! The whole day was fabulous!

Now, for today’s Word of the Day challenge prompt, the word is invest. That’s so perfect, because Chris bought me a free stock to look into on Robinhood for part of my Mother’s Day gift, and I have been wanting to invest in day trading for a hot minute now. He has done very well, and I would like to play (a little) once I figure out the Robinhood app a bit better.

  1. They want you to link it to your bank account. This scares me a little, but he did it and he has been fine.
  2. They offer a debit card for your transactions. This can be real, or a virtual debit card.
  3. I know very little about day trading, but I read a lot. I feel more educated than the average person, yet not so smart that I’m sure I will make the right choices.

Mostly, there is a lot of scary legalese when you read through the users agreement and the debit card agreement, so I want to make sure I know what I’m getting into before I throw caution to the wind and start investing.

Yes, we have regular stocks and a financial advisor. We have checking and savings accounts. However, I have made a bad investment before, and lost a lot of money, so I’m scared, yet the prospect of making money for the future in a different kind of way excites me and makes me want to take the risk. I’ll just start really small. I don’t have a lot of money to play with anyway, so it will have to be small, lol. I just don’t want to make a mistake and watch my bank account disappear. And I’m also scared of cyber attacks that could find out my info, but Robinhood uses FDIC banks, so I should be ok.

I say now is the time to invest in our future, and you should think about it too, if you haven’t already. At least have a savings account set up and donate as much as you can to it to secure for your retirement. Obtain a financial advisor at a FDIC to help manage your investment and suggest ways for your money to work harder for you in the long run. You wouldn’t want the time to come when you can retire and have no money to enjoy it would you?

You may hear me go on about CBD products and companies as well, because I believe in it, and it will be a good stock to invest in because the future for CBD is hot and getting hotter. I also want to introduce you to a new product in the CBD world that is even better (in my opinion) for relieving anxiety, reducing pain, and aiding in sleep. It is called Delta 8, which is a hemp-derived form of THC. The product is legal in our state and I have tried it and I have to say, I am impressed! I tried it in a gummy form, although it is available as a tincture, a vape, or a gummy, whichever you prefer. I have also got some free samples and I know where you can too for only the cost of shipping. My sample packs had 4 gummies each. If you are interested, let me know. One company is called Hempire Direct, and they have delicious flavors, and a small amount goes a long way. Each gummy has 25mg of CBD/THC (less than 0.03%) so split into 4 equal size portions would be around 5 or 6mg of CBD/THC. Because the product is extracted from specially grown hemp which is different than marijuana, it is legal-just like any other CBD product! I have been sleeping like a baby, and it really helps with my feelings of anxiety and helps me deal with my chronic pain from arthritis, and Sciatica. I will be honest with you though, I wouldn’t feel comfortable using it except at night, because it impairs me slightly and I would not try to drive, just as if I would not drive after taking a pain medication. Just use good judgement on that. The other company I got a free sample was called Moonwlkr. Click on the link, and learn about this product for yourself. They will send you a sample pack of 2 gummies, which I suggest you take as described above. If taken an hour before bed, you will be relaxed and sleep like a baby (in my opinion as someone who has tried it.)

My whole purpose in researching and trying these products was not only for myself, but in hopes that the product might help my dad with the tremors he suffers from Parkinson’s. I want to get his doctor’s approval first, however, because he is on so many medications, and he has a heart condition. Better safe than sorry. My own kidney doctor was informed by me that I endorse it and use it, and he has no problem with it. He even took the info I gave him so he can research it himself and is going to include the information on my chart. He is a cool doctor, I love him! He is already aware that I advocate the use of alternative medicine and that I am a sometimes user of CBD products, as well as essential oils. The bottom line is, I wanted to try it for myself to gauge it’s strength and efficacy before I gave it to my dad. I feel it is safe, yet I still want his doctors to at least be aware that I want to try it with him. His neurologist already okays the use of CBD, but I need to consult his cardiologist as well. When I look into investing in CBD, I will definitely find out what the code is for Delta 8 and include that one in my portfolio. I also applied to become an affiliate with Moonwlkr, so I want to share my code with you so that if you decide to try it, it benefits us both! If you decide to give it a try, send me an email and I will send you the link with my special code in it so we both get a little something out of the deal. 🙂 Alternatively, if you want to skip that and go straight to getting your product now, click this link. If it does not work, let me know and I will send you an email instead!

So, to summarize, even though I have all those ducks in a row, I still want to play around with the Robinhood day trading app and see how well I can do. I want the freedom to pick my own stocks or cryptocurrency and watch the numbers fluctuate. It may be kind of nerve wracking, yet I think it will be exciting as well. I will study the markets and use the information I glean from business newsletters to make wise decisions. Sure, I may get a wild hair and try something on my own if I have a gut feeling, but if I lose, I won’t lose much because I don’t have much to invest in the first place!

Wish me luck! Let me know if you would be interested in investing your money in something like Robinhood or if you prefer the safety of fixed stocks and long-term investing better.

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Multiple Prompt Story 29 June 2018-Home Grown

Hey guys! This morning I have a story brought to you by the 3TC challenge and the WOD challenge, let’s see if we can have a little fun with these prompts, shall we?


Home Grown

Beverly Jones was a huge fan of CBD oil, in fact, she used it on a regular basis, much to the chagrin of her husband, Joseph. He was so obtuse about it and refused to understand the benefits and argued with her constantly about the legality of it’s use. She was always trying to justify her use of it, telling him the experts even say that CBD enhances your own endocannabinoid system with Phyto cannabinoids-in other words-it’s like getting high on your own supply (even though you don’t technically get high. She explained several times that there is no THC, and you will not fail a drug test if you use it, but he would go berserk every time she brought it up). It’s just like when you exercise and get that euphoric feeling from the anandamides in your system.

Actually, Joseph did not mind Beverly using it, he saw how well she was sleeping now and how much less anxious she was, it was just that he had too much to lose if he ever got tested and failed. He even told her he didn’t mind her growing her own marijuana plants for personal use, the leaves themselves have the same effect when added to salads or smoothies as when she vaped the CBD oil. All that aside, she was never going to convince him that it was ok for him to use, yet he totally supported whatever she wanted to do. Even as she went to seminars and studied the experts, he remained so obtuse, that she finally gave up and decided to stop trying to convince him. She figured she would watch patiently for another year or so until it became acceptable by everyone and then maybe…

Beverly did indeed have a plant of her own, started from a single seed in an aero garden in the house. Recently, she had moved the plant outside, she figured it was safe enough being just one plant, and it was well hidden in her yard. Her son had given her a fancy mortar and pestle, so she used it to add the dried leaves to her tea every once in a while. She did not notice much of an effect like she did when vaping her CBD oil. She was hopeful that like freckles spread on your body in the sun, her plant would start producing the much more useful buds now that she had planted it outdoors. She just hoped that word never got out to the CBD police…she didn’t need the governing bodies of her city shutting her down. After all, what was all the fuss about one silly weed anyway, right? Hopefully the world would get with the program soon and then everyone would be stress free, relaxed, and well rested-like Beverly!