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I Knew This Would Happen Eventually

Well guys, I pulled a bonehead!

I knew it would happen eventually, and here I’ve been so careful not to hurt myself, but this morning, I was getting something out from under the bed, and now I’m suffering from a back spasm. I can’t breathe. I wish there was a magic eraser for this kind of pain, but right now, I’m trying some CBD tincture so it will relax. The only comfortable position is in the swivel chair behind the captain’s chairs so I can sit straight up with my rear all the way to the back and my feet propped on the ottoman.

At first I thought it needed to pop, but then I recognized the old familiar band of pain going right about where the bra strap sits. Dave has been so helpful assisting me so I wouldn’t hurt myself. He takes the dogs out because when we returned from getting propane the other day, he parked a slight bit un level, so the bottom stair step is really high off the ground. That makes it difficult to manage carrying dogs. And now I’ve gone and done this! Ugh!

Praying for relief on another cold and rainy day. I did get to enjoy church service from the RV online and that was a blessing. I always feel ready for whatever comes during the week ahead when we’ve attended church.

Too much sitting has probably not helped, but there’s no where to go and it’s so cold, I don’t want to do anything outside. Bring on Arizona and those wonderful seventy degree temps!! Now, will I be ready for a log day of riding in the captain’s chair? Crossing my fingers and saying those prayers that I’m better in the morning!

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