Introducing Fiction in 50 on Substack


Hi Guys!

I want to introduce some of you who may not know about this new platform called Substack and a great writer who was formerly on Medium; Dascha Paylor and her stories on Fiction in 50

These are works of micro fiction like we used to write together on The Friday Fix which has been temporarily halted since its editor, Justin Deming moved onto bigger and better things. (He also left Medium)

I’ve not left yet, but I have looked at Dascha and other’s work on Substack and I like it, so I’m sharing it to bring awareness to the platform and it’s authors.

To read her story, just click the blue link above! Happy reading!

Btw, anyone can create an account on Substack.com and create your own stories!


Crimson’s Creative Challenge #79

Her Favorite Ride

Rising on the tracks to dizzying heights, the roller coaster crested, then started it’s downward rush. Blowing her hair back from her screaming face, sheer terror infused with giddy delight as they whipped through turns, dips, rises and falls. She LOVED riding the rollercoaster, her favorite ride at the amusement park. What she would hate was the following months of chiropractic care to repair her shaken bones. Getting old was not for wussies.