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Flash Fiction for the Purposeful Practicioner:2021 Week #25

Selected from UNSPLASH … Hans Isaacson 

A Chance Meeting

Bethany had been looking forward to the trip from Texas to Ohio for months, planning and plotting, all in an effort to meet her grandbaby who was turning five years old in November.

The child had talked to her on the phone, Facetime, and sent her beautifully colored pages, yet they had never met. In Bethany’s mind, no matter the situation between her son and his ex, that was still her blood, and she was keeping up a relationship with her and her mother, no matter what he thought.

So the day finally came for her to start the long journey by car. She planned the shortest possible route, which was 15 hours by car. She had the money to fly but was scared of airports and all of their silly rules. She was bringing gifts for Teresa and the baby, too many to be checked on a plane.

Ten hours later, she arrived at her B&B in Nashville, tired and cranky, but hopeful all her expectations would be met. Unfortunately, her son was waiting in the woods, and saw her arrive.

Bethany never made it to Dayton, Ohio.

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Dangerous Dunes-CCC #109

Along our walk in the dangerous dunes
We came upon a site
An old car flipped on it’s head in the sand
That ride must have been a fright!

The hull was rusty, the pieces all askew
We could see it had been there a while
Perhaps he’d been racing like a madman
I bet this sure cramped his style!


I hope you liked my response to Crimson’s Creative Challenge #109! 

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The Trip-08-06-19-FCCC Challenge #25

Daniel, Kerry, and their two boys were on a trip to see Daniel’s grandmother (They all called her granny). She lived in a remote area of east Texas and the trip from their home in Ft Worth took around three hours to drive. Once through the bustling city, the landscape became rural, and the closer they got to Granny’s place, the more dense the trees became. Going down the last tree-lined road before arriving at her house, Kerry noticed how peaceful it looked during the daytime, compared to how scary it looked at night.

She recalled one such trip when they arrived on this road in the dark, their nerves had been shattered by everything from a sick, crying baby, to crazy traffic…she was just ready to BE there already! As they slowly drove down the same road, their headlights illuminated the trees, making them seem frightening, Daniel said they must go slow for fear of wildlife darting out in the road. Just then, a rabbit’s eyes became visible, or was it a cat? Chupacabra? Their minds went crazy at the possibilities, and then the trees parted and Granny’s house thankfully came into view. Kerry decided right then and there, she’d rather make this trip in the daytime from now on!