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Stream of Conscious Saturday 11-07-20 Journeys Ahead

Journeys are in my future. I wish it was under other circumstances, but unfortunately that is not the case. My dad, my brother, and I will be heading to Mississippi Monday morning to visit with my uncle, he is very ill and we want to see him and hopefully boost his spirits. He lives in a small town named Lucedale, not far from my birthplace in Biloxi. 

We decided to go to lunch with Dad and ask him if he wanted to go, it’s an awful long trip for someone in his condition, but he said yes right away. I’m glad in a way, because if he wanted to stay here, I’d just be worried about him.

We had our discussion over lunch, a Monterey chicken wrap (Dad), the soup de jour (Kevin), and a spicy chicken salad for me. My hubby had a burger and fries.

Once we arrived back home, I got on the horn and tried to reach my cousin who graciously offered us a place with her for our visit. I just love Southern hospitality, both of my cousins offered us a place to stay in leu of a hotel. I really thought we should fly, but the men said no, so…

Pray we have a safe trip and that it does my uncle’s heart some good to visit with family he hardly ever gets to see anymore.

Once upon a time, when my grandparents were still alive, we made the trip yearly at Thanksgiving. After they passed, things changed and we have only been back a handful of times. I’m looking forward to the visit, I just wish the situation were different. I’m always anxious to see my cousins, aunt and uncle, no matter the circumstances, and I’m hoping the visit will bring comfort and joy to a serious situation. 

I really should journal about all of this, seems my memory just isn’t the same and I want to have it recorded somewhere that we are going on a journey, a long road trip. Maybe I’ll take it with me and write down what happens each day, so I can blog about it later. 😊


Today’s SoCS is brought to you by Linda G Hill and the word prompt was jour.