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Goodness, I Almost Forgot! #JusJoJan and SoCS

I played around and almost forgot to write something for Just Jot it January or JusJoJan!!

we made sausage today, despite our various aches and pains, I was not gonna sit around in the corner another day…

ok, I don’t usually sit in the corner, I just had to get that in for SoCS! 😂

we made jalapeño cheddar sausage and tomorrow morning we will finish up with making some breakfast sausage 😋 I think I’m liking our new hobby and we hope to get good enough at it to start selling it some day!

I hope everyone has a good night 😴💤😘 see y’all manana 🥰

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Back in Town-#SoCS

I have not posted since last Saturday, so I’m here with an update and your Stream of Consciousness prompt by Linda G Hill:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ring.” Use it as a noun, a verb, an adverb, or an adjective…use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

This post may have a ring of disappointment in it, so I am asking all my prayer warriors to once again join me in an effort to save my uncle’s life because he is so important to my whole family.

We talked last week about my need to go see my uncle in Mississippi and how I was going to leave Monday morning not knowing exactly when we would return. Well, we are back. My brother had to get back to prepare for his jobs on Monday. We got in around 10pm last night, road weary and emotionally exhausted but happy with the way it turned out…until this morning.

Let’s back up for a sec though. When we left, Uncle Tony had been admitted to the hospital for hemodialysis to remove toxins built up in his body due to the home dialysis not removing them properly. He was feeling better after two dialysis treatments, had eaten well, and was sitting up in bed and sent me a photo of himself smiling because, of course, no one can visit while he is in the hospital due to the COVID restrictions.

This morning, I was told that things had changed once again, he was confused and “talking out of his head” so they were waiting on the results of more labs and a visit from the nephrologist. I don’t know if he needs more dialysis, or something is off with his medications, or what the problem is yet, but I have confidence they will get to the bottom of it and have him right as the mail in no time! We were very disappointed we never got to visit him, after driving such a distance, but we know the rules are what they are right now and nothing can be done about that.

Actually, we did try to see him at his home on Tuesday morning, but he was semi-conscious and falling asleep constantly, so he didn’t see us or know we were there. We did get to visit with his wife a bit and some of my cousins before we had to go back to Edie’s house (the cousin we were staying with) so my dad could take his medicine. We were told by my uncle’s dialysis nurse that he was just tired and to let him sleep because he had had a very difficult night.

As far as I was concerned, we would surely see him later that evening or the next morning, so I was very disappointed to learn that he awoke sometime and was talking for about an hour and no one called us. The next morning, he woke up with a fever and was advised to go to the hospital for observation and lab work to see what was causing the fever.

Now, here I must tell you that it was his thought that he was nearing the end of his days, therefore, he had previously discussed not going into the hospital with his immediate family so that he would be able to spend his last days surrounded by family. He knew if he got put in the hospital, no one but Tammie would be allowed to go see him.

With that being said, Tammie was near out of her mind with worry that they would insist on admission and fought it tooth and nail. I’m not sure if he was, but I figured he must have been for them to perform dialysis and lab work and now they are saying he shouldn’t go home yet because of this new wrinkle and because he also needs physical therapy due to his weakened state. I am waiting on the latest word from the doctor, and his family is being very good about keeping me informed.

In the meantime, we used the waiting time to visit with as much family as we could, and despite being worried about what was going on with Uncle Tony, we had a most enjoyable visit. Stay tuned…

*Without permission from the family to post pictures yet, I will just post some pics of the storm damage the area sustained after hurricane Zeta-a fact that I was not informed of until I arrived to see it for myself. Trees were down everywhere and since Lucedale is chock full of trees, it was a miracle that was the worst of the damage. Only a few people had damage to their homes or vehicles.

Well, there was more but I can’t seem to load the video to show you. Maybe tomorrow after I work on some things.

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Stream of Conscious Saturday 11-07-20 Journeys Ahead

Journeys are in my future. I wish it was under other circumstances, but unfortunately that is not the case. My dad, my brother, and I will be heading to Mississippi Monday morning to visit with my uncle, he is very ill and we want to see him and hopefully boost his spirits. He lives in a small town named Lucedale, not far from my birthplace in Biloxi. 

We decided to go to lunch with Dad and ask him if he wanted to go, it’s an awful long trip for someone in his condition, but he said yes right away. I’m glad in a way, because if he wanted to stay here, I’d just be worried about him.

We had our discussion over lunch, a Monterey chicken wrap (Dad), the soup de jour (Kevin), and a spicy chicken salad for me. My hubby had a burger and fries.

Once we arrived back home, I got on the horn and tried to reach my cousin who graciously offered us a place with her for our visit. I just love Southern hospitality, both of my cousins offered us a place to stay in leu of a hotel. I really thought we should fly, but the men said no, so…

Pray we have a safe trip and that it does my uncle’s heart some good to visit with family he hardly ever gets to see anymore.

Once upon a time, when my grandparents were still alive, we made the trip yearly at Thanksgiving. After they passed, things changed and we have only been back a handful of times. I’m looking forward to the visit, I just wish the situation were different. I’m always anxious to see my cousins, aunt and uncle, no matter the circumstances, and I’m hoping the visit will bring comfort and joy to a serious situation. 

I really should journal about all of this, seems my memory just isn’t the same and I want to have it recorded somewhere that we are going on a journey, a long road trip. Maybe I’ll take it with me and write down what happens each day, so I can blog about it later. 😊


Today’s SoCS is brought to you by Linda G Hill and the word prompt was jour.

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SoCS 10-31-20 This Will Be Tricky

It’s time for your Saturday Stream of Conscious post and here are the rules from Linda.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness is “trick.”Use it any way you like, and have fun!”


I am alone for a while today, which is unusual because Dave and I normally run our errands together on Saturdays, however, his employer had other ideas. 😦

That is the breaks when you are in upper management sometimes. You have to be there to ensure the job gets done properly. It’s Halloween, there’s a full moon, and the problem is on a busy street with a restaurant nearby…what could go wrong?? LOL I’m hoping he gets the men all lined out and gets to come home soon.

In the meantime, I have plenty to keep me busy, and an idea for a decor change in the living room, but it’s going to be a trick getting what I want to do done by myself. It will be a nice surprise for Dave when he comes home if I can manage it though.

I want to put this large portrait we acquired when his mom passed away on the mantel above the fireplace, and relocate the picture that is currently there to my office or bedroom. This picture is very heavy, and even if I just “place” it there instead of attempting to hang it, I will be satisfied. There is just enough space to get it done I think. 

I did it, but the picture is just sitting there, not hanging on the wall, which makes me nervous. If he likes it, he can hang it when he gets home. I think it’s a great place for the picture even though it’s not really my style. I just wanted a home for the portrait 😊 Sorry about all the light from the patio door, but you get the idea, I rearranged the items on the mantel, which may get done again and again, lol. I’m quite anal. What do y’all think?

Other than that, I have a few tasks in the office and around the house to get done, then I need to go shopping for my granddaughter’s gift for my son…how does this fall to me I wonder? 😉 He knows what he wants to get her, he just rather I do the shopping. He did give me the money for it at least. I personally have purchased a book, three pairs of shoes (they are too cute yall) a unicorn bow, and a toothbrush set–all JoJo Siwa, (except for one pair of shoes which is Frozen and lights up) whom I’d never heard of until her mother informed me of her existence. Josh wants her to have this particular outfit that I can supposedly find at Walmart. Ha! We Will see, I’m sure that will also be a neat trick.

We don’t expect any little goblins and ghouls this Halloween, but I’ll probably go get some candy just in case. I’d hate to get caught without it! I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween, whatever you do!


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The Container Store is Hiring! SoCS for 09-26-20

According to Linda G Hill, these are your instructions for today’s SoCS prompt, thank you, Linda!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “container.” Use the word “container” any way you’d like. Or think about a container of some kind and write about it. Enjoy!

So Dave and I were out running our Saturday errands, grabbing a bite and then heading home when I spotted a sign that announced the Container Store Distribution center is hiring and the starting pay is $17 per hour! Well, I immediately sent the news to my middle son, Josh, who is in between jobs again. Let’s hope he checks it out! Yes, it is in Grand Prairie, but that is not too far. It is about a 20 minute drive from my house.

Digital StillCamera

I had asked Dave yesterday if we could go and get some things to set on the porch for a little display I decided to put up. I’m terrible at this decorating stuff by the way, but I had been looking through a magazine and was inspired to do a little something. My wheels began to turn and I remembered that I had an extra table, an old timey lantern, rusted from being outside, and asked him to purchase a mum and a few small pumpkins.

It may look lame to all the wonderful decorators out there, but to me, it looks better than the bare porch that was there before. I’m sure before its all over, one of my well-meaning neighbors or sisters-in-law will direct me on how to make it look better, lol. Or, I may move things around until I get it where I like it, but at least this is a start. So I have a mum in a container, a small pumpkin, and a few decorative gourds. I may bring a couple of those in and put them on my mantel.