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WOD Challenge 03-25-21 Achievement

So, if my friend lives in Paradise, Texas, is she a paradisiac? 🤣🤣

I have an announcement:

Woo hoo! I’ve been studying my Spanish for a year now, 365 days in a row with no missed days! So proud of myself, but of course, I have the pandemic to thank. I doubt I would have stayed with it had I not been stuck mainly at home with nowhere to go but study and write. And, I leveled up as well!

I can now read short sentences and stories, but I’m lacking in actually speaking the words in public. I can say them, I can roll my “r”s, and my accent is pretty good. So why am I so shy? I guess I need to pick a few phrases and practice saying them to the dogs lol. They are very good listeners. 😉

Chocolate chip with pecans

Yesterday, I made some cookies that finally look and taste more like the real thing! Well, to me anyway, Dave wasn’t in the mood to sample them last night, so we’ll see what he says. After I sample a cold one this morning, if they still taste right to me, I’ll share some with my dad and see what he thinks ☺️

Peace out, y’all! Have a happy Thursday! 

Word of the Day Challenge
Writing, Writing Prompts

A Simple Example

I am starting to understand the architecture of Spanish sentences.

In this sentence: Cuando te cepillas el cabello? (When do you brush your hair) the verb comes after the word “you” instead of before it as in our language. The way the Spanish reads is “When you brush the hair” if read literally. The Spanish verbs come after the pronoun as in this sentence: Nosotros nos lavamos bien, which means: “We wash ourselves well.” Nosotros is “we”, lavamos is “wash”, bien is “well”, and nos is “ourselves” in this sentence. So literally, it would read: We ourselves wash well.

Of course, I am learning Spanish on the Duolingo app which teaches more like a video game that rewards correct answers, so it gives me multiple choice answers to choose from- and I would learn it faster if I wrote down useful phrases more, but I am on day 251 (in a row) of my learning streak, so I have learned over 1000 words and I don’t know how many sentences, but it is getting easier to read and comprehend for me. The hard part is remembering it long enough to speak it in practice or public.

Hay dos cepillos en el bano reads: There are two brushes in the bathroom (in English) but in Spanish it literally translates like this: Hay is “there are”- dos means two, cepillos means brushes, and en el is “in the” and of course bano is bathroom. My keyboard doesn’t let me put the accents over the “ns” so I get told all the time to watch my accents. lol

The adjective goes after the noun in this sentence: Ella se cepilla su cabello largo. “She is brushing her long hair.” “Cabello” is hair and “largo” is long. It takes a while and some practice, but it is becoming easier for me to understand it now.

In Spanish, helping words are sometimes used as well like this sentence: Ellos siempre se cepillan los dientes. “They always brush their teeth.” Los, el, la, or las” are words that come before body parts, like los dientes is “the teeth” in this sentence. It doesn’t translate that way exactly, which gets confusing without practice.

Apps like Duolingo and Babbel teach Spanish in a way that is easier to understand, so get busy and learn a new language the fast and easy way! It’s fun and to me, kind of addicting, but those of you who know me or follow my blog know that I am addicted to learning new things. How many courses have I taken now??? A bunch, I can tell you!

I hope you have enjoyed this different interpretation of the word architecture which is the Word of the Day. 🙂

Word of the Day Challenge

Inky Pages-WOD Challenge-07-28-20

Man, if I had a typewriter…

My pages would be very inky with all the typing I’ve been doing, and I still am only averaging around 30 wpm. 😦

I have been and will continue to practice daily until I get faster, I don’t see the point of trying any more transcription practice modules until I can type fast without looking at the keyboard, because I have to keep rewinding if I don’t!

I am still practicing my Spanish and Grammar as well, man, I thought I knew my grammar and punctuation…not so much! I found a good couple of places to study my grammar though, Grammar Monster and Khan Academy. The typing lessons can be found all over as well, I’ve tried Typing.com and some others. I like the learning games and typing out stories the most. I hate doing numbers and symbols, but that will be a big part of my job, so I have to practice all of that.

I had no idea how much I was taking on, I can do it, it will just take me a long time, which is frustrating to someone who wants to do everything fast. 😉


Word of the Day Challenge