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WOD Challenge 6-10-22 Wind

How do you describe wind?

With a photo, of course!

Por Supuesto!

Now, on a completely different subject, I wear a watch I don’t have to wind! How we gonna play this one today? 😉

And now, a brief ode to Dan’s sweet Maddie

“The answer my friend,

Is blowin’ in the wind

The answer is blowin’ in the wind.”

So sorry for your loss, Dan. She will be greatly missed by us all. 😞💕🙏

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WOD Challenge 6-8-22 Flow Jam

So many factors are jamming my flow today.

I had too much going on to make it to my faith-based book club at church today, so i will read a chapter here at home. My stomach was threatening to erupt at any moment, as I cooked egg cups and did the laundry. So far, so good, but I didn’t want an emergency situation in the middle of class. I took my shower too late. Totally my fault.

I have inner turmoil as well. I’m upset with one of my boys. Dad’s house is ready to go on the market, but we need to decide whether to go with an investor or take our chances on the open market. I have my own opinion, which my hubby backs up, but I’m not sure what my brother wants to do and he is out of town on business.

I need to get back to my studies and also get busy on the outline for the book I want to write, yet I don’t want to do either at the moment. I’m lacking the motivation. My dog needs grooming, I need a haircut, and I need to go have my windshield looked at before the crack sustained months ago gets worse. What do I do first? My brain feels like scrambled eggs this morning.

One thing went right yesterday, however. It was our anniversary, Dave brought me flowers, I obtained massage oils, and we had a nice night We also gave each other cards, and he liked the poem I wrote in his. The present I bought him yesterday has not arrived yet, but I know he will love it. I got him a box of meat from Butcher Box. It came with a bunch of free meat in addition to the order I placed. What guy doesn’t want a freezer full of meat? “The next bbq’s on me” I will tell him. The celebration may go on all week, because ”date” night is Thursday and we have nothing pressing on us for the weekend.

Our cards and my beautiful roses.

I’m sure I will get it together here in a little bit. Until then, maybe some Diamond Art and the continuation of my audiobook will unjam my flow. I’m praying for rain and a resolution to the above turmoil. 🙏🙏

Feliz Miércoles everyone!

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WOD Challenge 06-06-2022 A Special Day

Tomorrow is a special day for Dave and me, although we may not celebrate it until Thursday or perhaps the weekend.

Dave and me a couple of months ago.

It will be our 37th anniversary! That, I feel, is great in these days and times. For us, it has been mainly a walk in the park. Sure, we’ve had some ups and downs like every marriage, but it’s been smooth sailing most of the time.

Dave is beginning to consider retirement and we have been talking about moving to a less populated area, like a lake somewhere. Our original dream was to retire to the coast, but due to soaring prices and the increased activity in the Gulf, we talked about moving to a lake instead. The jury is still out on that one.

I will keep you posted as soon as something is on the immediate horizon, I figure sometime after summer.

Wow, it’s been a hot minute since I have been on the computer! It took a long time to reboot, I think it was mad at me for ignoring it for so long. All my blogs for months now have been on the iPad. I am thrilled I still know how to type, lol! I am rusty, and it will take a bit to get back up to the speed I was at when I stopped my transcription lessons (which I need to get back to).

I am still journaling, keeping up with my grief journal, and attending the therapy sessions every Monday night except for the last two weeks. Last Monday was a holiday and the week before, I wasn’t feeling good. I also started an entry for a writing contest, but need to work more on that. I was writing it as a long limerick, but I may change it to a short story. I have enough limericks saved now for a book if I choose to do that. Speaking of books, I have been longing to write one. I even have a working title- Why Don’t You Care?

It is going to be about the state of the medical community and society in general. I feel that in the aftermath of COVID and the increased downfall of society, there is a general sense of apathy in the working world. Not only the working world but the whole world. Have you not noticed that?? Just think about it for a minute.

But on to happier subjects.

My dad’s house is mostly cleaned out after this past weekend and the photographer is coming to take pictures to list it on the market! Yea! I feel bittersweet about this. I was a bit emotional on Saturday and again yesterday when I walked through and saw the empty rooms. It must be done, however, so we can all move on with our lives.

I need to get back to regular exercise, I have been slacking-except for times in the pool. Even though I don’t do traditional exercises, my legs never stop moving. During the summer, I try to spend as much time in the pool as possible. But I need to keep on walking and working with lighter weights to shape up. So, I’m off to do that before Dave gets home and before I have to go to grief counseling.

Have a good Monday everyone!

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WOD Challenge 6-2-22 A Sterling Reign

Queen Elizabeth at her coronation.

Platinum Jubilee for a Sterling Reign

Today marks the 70th year of Queen Elizabeth II’s exemplary reign over the UK. And what a sterling reign it has been!

I watched a while this morning on FOX news as she got her 41 canon salute, and as the jets flew in a 70 formation over the massive celebration. What looked like millions of people watched the royals as all of the festivities took place.

The Royal Air force flying over the queen.
The main royals-Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William and family.

This remarkable monarch is 96 years old, has served her country for 70 years, the people love her, I’d say thats a lot to be proud of and celebrate.

I’m sure there are many who won’t tune in or even know what’s going on, but this is an historic occurrence, a once in a lifetime moment, and I thought it should be acknowledged!

Queen Elizabeth II today. All images taken from Wikipedia.

Other countries watch us and what we do, we should at least give her the credit she deserves!

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WOD Challenge 5-30-22 A Perfect Start

Dave put our flag out this morning which was the perfect start to Memorial Day.

It’s very windy!

I’ve made the dog’s food, and the egg cups are baking in the oven for Dave. He takes them to work for his breakfast. I think he will grill some chicken later for dinner but I don’t know if the kids are coming back or not. I went and delivered my friend Stephanie her birthday gift. She liked it and we visited for a little bit.

Stephanie’s birthday gifts

We are watching some old war movie, and then we are off to run around for a bit. I don’t know what the rest of the day holds, but it has started out pretty nice!

I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Day! Don’t forget to take a moment and remember all those brave men and women who died protecting our freedom!

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