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#JusJoJan & WOD 1-21-22 The Mission

Your prompt for JusJoJan January 21st, 2022, is “mission.” Use the word “misson” any way you’d like. Have fun!

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The Mission

Henry was on a mission to find that fatuous dog of his, Blue. He’d run off into the woods barking after something (probably a wild turkey) and now Henry couldn’t find him. He had lost the sound of barking due to the trees, wind, and other wildlife in the ten wooded acres he owned.

One day Blue had run under the gate and wound up in the neighborhood horse ranch. It took Henry literally one hour to convince Blue to come back in the yard because his silly butt was too busy acting superior around the resting horses. He’d pranced to and fro, nudging the horses with his nose, trying to get them to play, yet the entire time Henry was freaking out, just waiting for one of them to get mad at Blue and kick the tar out of him.

Luckily, he convinced him that time. Now he was off on another crazy mission, trying to catch whatever it was, maybe a squirrel, maybe a rabbit…who knew?

Henry told himself it was about time for more fences and gates, this was nuts running through the woods like this. He had gone about two miles before he finally saw what Blue was after. It couldn’t be real! It looked to be a wild boar! How did that thing get on his property? They are mean and tough, not something Blue should be messing with. Henry found himself in a real pickle this time. What was he going to do? Frantically thinking for a solution, he remembered two things at once; the toy bone in his pocket, and the phone in his hand. With that he could dial 911 and they might send a hunter out in a helicopter and shoot the wild pig. Henry could distract Blue with the bone and hopefully get him to leave the pig-but what if the thing charged at Blue…or himself??

He watched a few more minutes after dialing 911 and decided they didn’t have time to wait. Henry hollered “Blue!!” as he was throwing the bone as hard as he could behind himself, so the dog would run back toward the house. Fortunately, when Blue took off and the boar no longer felt threatened, he ran the opposite direction back into the woods. Henry hightailed it back toward the house feeling very lucky indeed!

Once he got back to his own yard, there was Blue, down on the ground in front of the back door, chomping on his toy bone. He gave Henry a smug look as he opened the back door and called him inside. Henry thought, “Well! That’s the thanks I get for saving your life.” Smiling and shaking his head, he went to the kitchen to make them some dinner.

I know it isn’t customary to write a story for SoCS, but when I saw the dog, the story just practically wrote itself and I had to run with it! I hope nobody minds. Besides, nothing going on around here today but me staying in out of the cold!! I thought it would be a good day to get caught up on writing, emails, Spanish lessons, and maybe as a reward, I’ll work on some Diamond Art! Wish me luck! (Dave is home and sometimes throws a wrench in my plans, lol)

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11 thoughts on “#JusJoJan & WOD 1-21-22 The Mission

  1. rajkkhoja says:

    Beautiful picture of blue eye dog. Interested story written you. Amazing experience share the story. Very nice idea for saving his life. It’s good one.✍️

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