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Multi-Prompt Post

Today we will attempt to address Linda G Hill’s SoCS and the WOD Challenge together.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “board/bored.” Use one, or use them both for bonus points. Enjoy!

Yesterday, I worked on sorting and packing up the guest room. It was very emotional and overwhelming at the same time. My mind was stretched to its limits and I stayed busy until Dave got home from work.

I found so much that had been stuffed into that closet…not much of it was even ours! Well, lots of extra bedding was, but mostly stuff from Dad’s house, stuff the boys left from past visits or stays, and the memories all of that involved had my brain swimming by end of day. Goodness but we have a lot of comforter sets! And the picture, Lord, the pictures. Boxes and boxes of them!

Then I tackled the hall closet and it’s stuffed shelves. If nothing else, things are clean and organized! This area had some of Claudette’s belongings, including a nice collection of novels (mostly Nora Robert’s) which, if I keep, I’ll have reading material for years to come!

My own Stephen King collection is a tubs worth, and I considered selling it, but couldn’t let go of it in the end. The good thing is, I think we will mainly be storing boxes if all goes as planned. If the new owners are interested in some of our things, we might be willing to leave some stuff here instead of replastering the pool (which the pool inspector said we needed to do). I don’t know yet, but it might be an option.

One thing is, I’ve been too busy to be bored. However, I have to take many small breaks as I work, or I get feeling delirious. I don’t eat much during the day…that may contribute to that feeling. Throw in kid problems, and other people’s drama and my head is about to explode!

A photo from basic training while on maneuvers.

The day before yesterday, I worked on the top of the coat closet where all the board games and school memorabilia is stored. More emotional material! Our service records were in that pile as well. So now I have three more tubs full of stuff to store. Like Jim (my realtor friend said, a room a day and before you know it, you’ll have accomplished so much!

The home inspection is Monday. Wish us luck on that!