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WOD Challenge 8-5-22 Taking Shape!

Almost finished ✔️

I’ve had a relaxing day and even worked two hours on my latest Diamond Art project!

I was focusing so hard on the work, I didn’t see that I’m so close to being done! I never even saw the light house was done until today, before I started the last 30 minute session.
You use tiny little jewels, not exactly bijoux, but that’s why they call it Diamond Art.

I felt I deserved a “screw off” day after the week I’ve had getting the house ready for the photographer to come take pics because (drum roll) we’re putting her on market next Wednesday!!

If it sells as fast as we’re hoping, I’m asking for a thirty day period to get the RV loaded and set up an estate sale. Plus, David hasn’t even started on sorting his clothes yet. In addition, we are still on the fence about getting that lake house. I say no, but he is still entertaining the idea.

So, our new adventure is taking shape as well! Wish us luck!!

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