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Dinner With the Gamers

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!

Our dinner and gamer hostess, Candy.

This afternoon, Dave and I went to a small dinner with friends we play games with. Some are Bunco players, some play Mexican Train, and a few were friends she invited that I had not met yet.

Candy organized the whole thing, because the normal activities director was visiting family in Colorado. The dinner was a potluck deal and then we were playing a no cost game of Bingo with prizes we each donated. Some spent a dollar on their prize, like us, others wrapped up something they had laying around their house.

The food was great and dessert was heavenly. I had cheesecake. It was tempting to get more (when you see the dessert table you’ll understand) but one thing was plenty!

Look at las the goodies!

After we ate and visited a while, Candy started the Bingo. I passed out the cards and filled the tiny cups with candies that were to be used as our markers. It was all fun until the same few people kept winning over and over. A few of us didn’t think that was fair, so I’m not sure if I’ll be participating in any more of those kind of games.

I did want to introduce you all to some of the folks we play games with.

Becky and Pat to the left, Vicki on the right.

Becky wearing a fun pair of glasses she won.

Concentrate on the front four of the table. On the left is Bev and Mike and on the right is Maria and her pal Mike. Bev and Mike are married but Maria and her Mike are just friends. Today, Maria cut off all of her hair. I think it’s a good look on her!

She is a crazy Latino that I just love. She gives me grief every time she sees me, but that’s her way of playing. She means no harm by it. That’s how you know she likes you. 🤣 She is very friendly, she helps everyone who needs it, she’s a very generous person.

We sat here, but Dave scooted so far out of the shot, I only see his belly.

Pat and Becky we’re to my left, the Russels across from them, Norma and her husband next to them. I just met those four tonight, so I forgot his name, I apologize.

The food table was filled with tasty Christmas fair, ham, deviled eggs, green bean casserole, potato salad, green salads, sausages, turkey, Portuguese meat chunks, and so much more. I enjoyed the afternoon so much.

Dave left me to play Bingo and I walked home. It was warm, so I sat outside and talked to my friend Kaye on the phone, and my oldest boy, Sean. I’d heard from Josh yesterday, and Chris this morning. All had a good Christmas, so my heart was full. ☺️

Folks filling their plate

Just having a community dinner and providing some food for it brought the feeling of fulfillment for me, yet being away from my family at this holiday was hard, I’ll admit. Knowing they still had a good Christmas brought me joy, however, so it was a good Christmas for me…for us! If it hadn’t been for the dinner with these new friends, it might have felt like any other day. Still, I know I’m blessed with all I have, I didn’t need anything more.

We are finishing up binge watching The Man in the High Castle. It’s on Prime video. It’s been a great but scary series. Scary in the fact that something like this could actually happen. It’s happened before, after all. Well, not the time travel aspect, at least as far as I know. 😂 Merry Christmas everyone and now we have a week before we launch into a new year. The coming week might bring us rain, so with time stuck inside, maybe I’ll finally learn how to crochet a hat!

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Merry Christmas-Word of the Day Challenge

Let’s make them bells jingle

With guests, let us mingle

Kiss me under the mistletoe

And sit by the fireplace, warm with it’s glow

Let us dine together as family

Forget the gifts and just be

Happy in each other’s presence

Our fellowship is the best of presents.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in case I don’t blog again for a while. I appreciate you all for hanging with me!

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