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10,000 Steps But Still No Crested Saguaro

A huge cholló

We took another long, rocky walk today..Dave and I, on the quest for the elusive crested saguaro. That, plus walking around Walmart earned me 6,000 steps. After that, I don’t remember doing a lot, except for walking down to play Bingo, around the motor home a bit, oh, and a trip to the trash bins. At around 9pm my Pacer app said you reached 10,000 steps! I’m so proud and happy! Now I have a goal and I can strive for it every day. I am sore from walking on the rocks, but it’s ok. At my age, it doesn’t take much to become stiff and sore!

The rocky ground where parts of our trek took us.

I prefer to stay on the trails, but Dave thought we could find the cactus by cutting through the field. I told our friends Diane and Ken about it and they said they know exactly where it is and will take us there. It’s very close to where we were, we just turned into the field too soon!

Ostrich running wild behind the farm (they are also behind a fence).

I wanted to get closer to the ostrich we saw running around behind the Ostrich Ranch. Dave did not. 🤣😂

he did take a picture of me in the poppies. It’s not very flattering, but it was nice.

Me in the Mexican Poppies.

Even if we find the crested saguaro, I will work on achieving my goal of 10,000 steps a day. Just let me do it on a flat surface please!

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WOD Challenge 4-11-22 Being Intentional


I was intentional in my goal to get back to my daily exercise after skipping a week due to knee swelling and pain.

Also, I made it a point to write in my grief journal, set some goals for the year, and reschedule my appointments. I have a dental appointment today, one with my kidney dr. on the 19th, and I need to reschedule my eye dilation because I’ve been seeing streaks of light at the outer edge of my left eye and I need to make sure my contacts are right before I go order more.

I need to be more intentional in taking my blood pressure too. I am supposed to be taking it three times a day, but I’m lucky if I do it once! I’m going to get a bad report at the kidney dr if I don’t shape up, lol!

Dinner is leftovers from last night, and the house is clean, so I should relax and either crochet or work on my paint-by-number…maybe after my dental appointment.

What are you intentional about today?

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WOD Challenge 1-11-20 Scheme

Good morning!

Andrew Neil for Unsplash

I have been writing daily since the beginning of the year thanks to Linda G Hill and her JusJoJan prompts inspired me so much. The results have been amazing! I have met some new and wonderful bloggers, further developed my writing habit and stretched my creative muscles a bit, written more on other blogs and publications, seen my following grow, and so much more. She had no idea how much her simple prompt would affect me and possibly other bloggers wanting a fresh start to the new year!

My goal (since I don’t really do New Year resolutions too well) was to scheme my way into earning a paycheck with my writing. Blogging is a way of networking after all, so it may open some doors that have been closed to me by simply getting more involved. Writing takes me out of myself and helps me focus on others, their lives, their needs, and maybe even teaches me something new.

The other positive thing that has happened is on Medium. I have tried to do the same thing there by publishing a poem a week, or a story on one of the many publications I have to choose from and wow! My participation has earned me lots of new followers and my stats were way up for this month already! Now, I won’t be able to pay the bills from what I earn on Medium unless I write exclusively there, but my network of people is growing and I am pleased as punch about that!

All of this is keeping me really busy, which is a good thing, and maybe my family will start to believe and support my writing more if I treat it like it’s my livelihood and not just a hobby. That’s not to say I’m going to start trying to monetize this blog, because I’m not. This is my happy place, where I can say what I want among friends. I can be creative and relaxed, just tell you a story or what is happened to me that day. I don’t want this blog to become a source of stress…it’s a place to put my words on a page, hence the name.

I just wanted to give a shout out to Linda for being my inspiration this year, helping me grow in so many ways! Thanks again Linda! Thanks also to Kristian and Cyranny for their WOD challenge prompts which I try to do daily if not several times a week!


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